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Donations and Support

  Pacific Siamese Rescue appreciates any contribution by you or your organization, all of which enables us to meet our ever-growing need for assistance. Medical funds are always necessary for the numerous medically-challenged cats we rescue each day as well as the numerous day-to-day expenses in meeting the needs of these meezers.

Please help support our organization.

  We try to make it easy for you to support us, by providing several methods of payment.
You can either make one time or multi-month donations.
We can:
  • Accept onetime donations by check or credit card
  • Provide monthly Credit Card charges against your PayPal Account
  • Provide monthly Credit Card charges
  • Send you a monthly reminder
  • Use your companies Matching Gifts program, if they have one.
You can find the different options below, or contact us at:
CNsrc@siameserescue.org for more information.

What your donation can accomplish

Provide a months worth of food, litter, and shelter for a Meezer.
Neuter a cat so he can go to his new home.
Spay a cat so she can go to her new home.
Run a blood panel on an older cat so we can screen organ function or prep for surgery.
Provide a dental for a Geezer whose mouth hurts.
Enter another amount.
Select an amount above to charge to your Credit Card through our secure online payment system.


Make one-time or monthly PayPal donations

Make a One-time Donation
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Make a reoccuring monthly Donation

  Send your check donations to:
Pacific Siamese Rescue
1346 The Alameda, Suite 7-95
San Jose, CA 95126

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