Siamese Rescue Application Processing

Please select one of the options below:

  • If you have previously applied with us, or have been approved to adopt, select the "Visit my Adoption Page" button to access your existing application.

    Do NOT reapply if you applied or have been approved to adopt previously. Access your status page by using the "Visit my Adoption Page" below and ask to reactivate your application. Please contact us before you create a duplicate application! You can contact us at: CNsrc@siameserescue.org


  • If you have never completed an application before, click on "Submit an Application" below to begin the application process.

    Our application process is an automated process which relies heavily on email to communicate with you. In order for this experience to be a successful one, you must check your email daily during the approval and selection process. If you are not the primary reader on your email account, make SURE the person who checks email is relaying the information to you.
    Once you have completed, and submitted this application, you should receive your first such automated email with further instructions. If you do NOT receive a confirming email, please call us at: (408) 426-5523, so we can help.