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Siamese Adoptions

Adoption Details

Adoption fee for Pacific Siamese Rescue is $125 and include all of the vet work as listed. We spay or neuter all of our Cats prior to placement as per California State Law.
While we make a substantial effort to ensure the cats are healthy prior to placement, please understand that these are Rescue Cats from unknown backgrounds, and you need to be prepared for possible Medical and/or Behavioral issues that may arise after an adoption.
Interested adopters go through a careful screening process to include reference checks, telephone interviews, and where appropriate, home visits. No Siamese will be placed in a new home which allows cats to go outside. The adoptive owners agree to give Pacific Siamese Rescue the option of reclaiming the cat, should the adoption not work to the advantage of the new owner and the cat.
Vet work provided
  • Blood tests for Feline Leukemia and Feline Aids
  • Spaying or Neutering
  • Thorough Vet Exam
  • Vaccines (as required)
  • Treatment for fleas, earmites and worms
  • Presurgical blood work where necessary, and dentals for older cats

To begin the Adoption process, complete these simple steps:
  1. Review our Adoption Policies.

  2. Read Why Rescue.

  3. If you would like an application please email us at: CNsrc@siameserescue.org
Once you have submitted and paid the application
If you've had any pets in the past 2 years, your Vet will need to complete a Vet Reference Form (we'll give it to you during the application process).
Your application will then be checked for completeness and then assigned to an Interviewer who will contact your References. You will receive instructions by email on completing an online Questionnaire and Pet Chart to help the Interviewer prepare for their phone interview with you. Once these steps have been completed, your Interviewer will arrange a time for the interview.
(NOTE: While basic reference checks are sometimes completed in 3-5 days, the adoption approval process can take up to two weeks depending on response time from personal references, vets, and other requirements. We are volunteers, but you can be assured we are working as hard as we can to process your application as quickly as we can.)

Once the interview is complete, and you have been Approved
You will discuss the specifics of the cat(s) you are interested in with the Fosters and your Interviewer. We work very hard to ensure we match each cat with the right situation.

Once a cat has been selected
Transport for your new Meezer is your responsability, but we will work with you to help arrange transport as much as possible.

Pacific Siamese Rescue respects your privacy and will NOT under any circumstances sell or share your information with anyone outside of our organization without your express written permission.

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