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The Siamese Rescue family is pleased to announce that effective immediately, Southern California Siamese Rescue (SoCSR) and Pacific Siamese Rescue (PSR) will be pooling resources and working closely together to better serve California. The two non-profit Rescue Organizations will remain separate for now, in order to address the special needs of Siamese in each area, along with providing volunteers and adopters in each region a local presence, resources, and a social media outlet. Several key Board members will sit on the Board of both groups, and the SoCSR Executive Director will also serve as PSR Executive Director at this time.

California Siamese Rescue was formed in 2001 and split into Pacific Siamese Rescue and Southern California Siamese Rescue in 2005. Since 2001, these groups have rescued, fostered, and adopted out over 4500 Siamese cats and kittens. Originally, the division into two groups was primarily to address the special needs of and to concentrate resources in the Southern California and Northern California regions. But, given the advances in social media and online technology in the last 12 years, the two groups recognize that they can do more for California’s Siamese cats and kittens by working together.

Over the past 16 years, Siamese Rescue in California has rescued, fostered, provided vet care for, and adopted needy Siamese cats and kittens in and around California. Our volunteers are knowledgeable rescuers and passionate about ensuring that abused, abandoned, and neglected Siamese cats and kittens are placed in caring and attentive homes. Nationally, the member groups of the Siamese Rescue family have rescued almost 24000 Siamese cats and kittens, since their founding.

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