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In 2005, Pacific Siamese Rescue began rescuing Siamese and Siamese mix cats. Cats come to us from a wide variety of situations. We foster them in our homes, and get to know their unique personalities. We then work closely with interested families to make successful matches.

Our foster homes are caring individuals and families who will respond directly to requests for information and (upon approval) arrange for potential adopters to visit cats. Fosters can give you information on any known history as well as insight into the cat's personality.

As with the other sister Centers, our goal is to take homeless and abandoned cats and kittens who, through no fault of their own, have landed into unfortunate if not potentially lethal circumstances. Our goal is to find "forever" homes where they will live the rest of their lives in the midst of a loving family.

This worthy goal takes time, energy, and money, and we need your help. Please consider supporting Pacific Siamese Rescue in any way you can – whether it be time or monetary donations. We need caring foster homes, people to complete our interviews via telephone, or donating a few hours at fundraising events. All of the Centers sharing this web space are self-sufficient in regards to rescue, fundraising, and promotion of our individual organizations.

Thank you for visiting our web pages, and for considering our cats who are hoping for a warm lap to snuggle in and loving arms to cuddle them. We hope you find a furry friend you can't live without.

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